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Meet DWARF 3

As Light, Yet Stronger

Launching May 30 on dwarflab.com

After countless iterations of design and functionality enhancements, DWARF 3 introduces a range of innovative features aimed at providing you with an unprecedented observational experience.

Whether you are a professional astronomer or a photography enthusiast, you can easily use DWARF 3 to capture every detail of distant galaxies, nebulae, and stars, or the moments of flowers blooming and birds preening around you.

Launching Thursday May 30th on dwarflab.com

8 AM PDT (Los Angeles)
11 AM EDT (New York)
4 PM BST (London)

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Better Scope, Better Photos

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> Aperture Diameter

> Focal Length

> Equivalent Focal Length

> Sensor

> Digital Resolution

> Built-in Filters

> Battery

> Dimension

> Weight

35mm (Tele), 3.4mm (Wide)

150mm (Tele), 6.7mm (Wide)

737mm (Tele), 45mm (Wide)

SONY IMX678 Starvis 2

8MP (Tele), 2MP (Wide)

VIS, Astro, Dual Narrow Band (Tele)Astro (Wide, support daytime & night photography)

Built-in, 10000mAh (with External USB Charging Support)

8.76 x 5.6 x 2.56 inch (22.3 x 14.2 x 6.5 cm)

2.97 lbs (1.35 kg)

· Aperture Diameter: 
  35mm (Tele), 3.4mm (Wide)

· Focal Length:
  150mm (Tele), 6.7mm (Wide)

· Equivalent Focal Length:
  737mm (Tele), 45mm (Wide)

· Sensor: SONY IMX678 Starvis 2

· Digital Resolution:
  8MP (Tele), 2MP (Wide)

· Built-in Filters:
  VIS, Astro, Dual Narrow Band (Tele)Astro (Wide, support daytime & night photography)

· Battery:
  Built-in, 10000mAh (with External USB Charging Support)

New App Features, More Possibility

app features update.webp__PID:02370c8b-a7e1-4740-abe6-2d874efbeb01

· Star Map & Today's Best: Quickly lock onto objects worth observing, and start your night sky imaging journey without hesitation.

·  Long-Exposure Shooting: Capture celestial light with exposures up to revolutionizing 60 seconds in the new equatorial mode. 

· Mosaic Imaging: Expand your canvas by stitching multiple images together, select your desire space in the star map and get new collection for your artistic creations.

· Wide-Angle Astrophotography: Capture the beauty of milky way and star trails with your wide-angle lens and marvel at the vastness of life amidst the cosmic flow.

· Co-Shooting: Capture celestial targets with your mates, splice or stackstacked your images, and create a shared memorable cosmic moment.

· Automatic Bird Capture: Identify bird images and capture every unexpected wonderful moment.