Wireless Bluetooth Connection Guide

1. Enter the DWARFLAB App, and click the PHOTO Button.

Enter the DWARFLAB App, and click the PHOTO Button

2. Enable your phone's Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS location permission*, and geographical location permission (Bluetooth requires location permission to use).
*GPS location permission is necessary when you are doing astrophotography.

3. The APP displays the DWARF II device found. Click the button to connect the DWARF II device automatically.


4. Once connected, the camera preview screen is automatically displayed, and you can start using DWARF II.

5. If you want to modify or reset Bluetooth and WiFi, go to "Settings"-"BLE&WIFI Settings" to configure it.

(i) When the device is used for the first time, the Bluetooth name (also the device name) displayed in the APP is XXXXXX(the last 6 digits of the MAC address). You can change the name.
(ii) The default password for Bluetooth connection is DWARF_12345678. By doing this, you can change the password to prevent others from connecting.
(iii) The default WIFI name of the Bluetooth connection network is DWARF_XXXXXX, and the default password is 12345678. You can change the Wi-Fi name and password.
(iv) You can reset the BLE&WIFI. If you reset it, the APP will prompt you to press the power button (press the button within 30 seconds) and remind you when the resetting is complete.
(v) It will take effect immediately after you change the Bluetooth network password.