Introduction of DWARF II Smart Telescope

The compact AI-powered telescope — DWARF II, making it easy for consumers to enjoy astronomy and nature photography.

introduction to DWARF II

The DWARFLAB team unveiled the DWARF II Smart Telescope, the first portable smart telescope controlled by a mobile phone with features such as one-click GOTO, gigapixel panorama, and AI automatic tracking.

Wireless control via mobile phone
DWARF II has a one-piece pan-tilt, it contains two axes of height and orientation. Users can not only control DWARF II shooting and recording, but also use the virtual joystick to control the orientation of DWARF II.

Wireless control DWARF II via mobile phone

Small size and easy to carry
DWARF II only has the similar size of an American English dictionary, and its small size is due to its periscope structure, which means the optical path is folded so that DWARF II is very compact.

Automatic astrophotography with one-click GOTO

Automatic astrophotography with one-click GOTO

DWARF II doesn't need Polaris alignment! The StellarRoute algorithm can also perform adaptive path planning to achieve one-click GOTO. The user only needs to select the star to be photographed in the app, and the DWARF II will automatically align itself at the target.

Triangulum Galaxy M33

Triangulum Galaxy M33

Andromeda Galaxy M31

Andromeda Galaxy M31





Intelligent tracking
Animals in motion are very difficult to aim. Target tracking for DWARF II is achieved through multiple deep learning networks. Select the target object through the DWARFLAB App, start the intelligent tracking function, and dwarf II will automatically rotate to track the target.

Intelligent tracking

Azure-Winged Magpie



Gigapixel panoramic shooting
DWARF II captures multiple images with 2-axis scanning and then uses algorithms to stitch them into a gigapixel panoramic photo. It can be zoomed infinitely in the app. You can not only appreciate the whole scenery but also enjoy the exploration of each detail.

Gigapixel panoramic shooting

Additional specifications
Lens: 100 mm focal length, is optimized to diffraction limit
Equivalent focal length: 675 mm(Tele),40 mm(Wide)
Digital resolution: 8 Megapixel(Tele),2 Megapixel(Wide)
Sensor: SONY IMX415 Starvis, 8 million pixels, high sensitivity
CPU/NPU: 4-Core Cortex-A7 1.5 GHz CPU, 2 TOPS NPU
• Motor Speed: 0.001 °/s~36 °/s
• Visibility Angle: Altitude 240°, Azimuth 340°
• Connectivity: WiFi & Bluetooth
• Operating Temperature: -10~45 °C
• Weight: 2.4 lbs / 1.1 kg
• Dimensions: 204x62x130 mm

The DWARFLAB team comprises a group of geeks who are passionate about optics, computers, and robotics, and they are committed to using cutting-edge interdisciplinary technologies to bring imaginary consumer imaging products to reality together with our users.