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Check the Android and iOS app and their updates. Download the firmware upgrade file.


DWARFLAB is a smartphone app to control DWARF II telescope, which helps users to wirelessly operate their own DWARF II.

Android version: V1.2.1
Update time: 05-15-2023

Android app:
Install on Play Store here
Download apk file here

Update contents:
1. Setting features is prohibited during astronomical shooting.
2. Adjust the unshot dark field prompt and add a prompt for invalid gain parameter settings when starting astronomical shooting.
3. When exiting the shooting interface during panoramic shooting and re-entering, restore the panoramic shooting mode.


Please upgrade to DWARF II in a timely manner for the best experience.

Upgrade version: 1.3.26
Update time: 05-15-2023

DWARF II OTA Update tutorial and download: Check here.

Update contents:
1. Fixed goto related bugs when tilting.
2. Fix bugs related to astronomical stacking.
3. Fixed bug with panorama light effect.
4. Optimize the effect of correcting dark field defects.
5. Reset the wide Angle parameters after the restart.
6.Optimize the non-Binning jpeg artifact problem.

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