DWARFLAB App/Firmware Download


DWARFLAB is a smartphone app to control DWARF II telescope, which helps users to wirelessly operate their own DWARF II.

Android version: 1.1.0
Update time: 03-02-2023

Android app:
Install on Play Store here
Download apk file here

Update contents:
1. Update Bluetooth networking interaction.
2. Add region setting.
3. Add connection fault detection.
4. Support astronomical automatic focusing.
5. Support FITS format setting.
6. Support ordinary mode binning 2*2 setting.

DWARF II Firmware

The telescope firmware is the system program to ensure the efficient operation of the DWARF II telescope. Please update the latest firmware in time to get the best experience.

Firmware version: 1.3.22
Update time: 02-02-2023

Download firmware file on Google Drive here.
Firmware update tutorial: Check here.

Update contents:
1. Fix some non-mainstream country code problems.
2. Fix auto focus issues.