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Télescope intelligent DWARF II

Télescope intelligent DWARF II

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Présentation de DWARF II - le télescope intelligent le plus portable au monde contrôlé par l'application mobile DWARFLAB.

Êtes-vous un astronome amateur, un ornithologue amateur ou un photographe animalier ? Eh bien, DWARF II est exactement ce dont vous avez besoin.

La livraison rapide et gratuite est disponible ! Les commandes aux États-Unis ou dans certains pays de l'UE seront expédiées depuis nos entrepôts aux États-Unis ou en Pologne. Pour toutes les autres commandes, elles seront expédiées depuis la Chine par avion, consultez la politique d'expédition ci-dessous.

Bullet Points

· Smartphone Control

· Compact & Ultra-Portable

· AI-Powered Object Tracking

· One-Click GOTO

· Auto Star Tracking & Stacking

· Gigapixel Panorama

· Replaceable Battery & Type-C Charging

· Included 64GB microSD Card


204 x 62 x 130mm / 8 x 2.4 x 5.1in

2.4 IB/1 kg

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One-Year Warranty

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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Portable. Smart. Versatile.

1.2 kg observatory

DWARF II features a compact periscope design, with a size equivalent to a book, making it the smallest astronomical telescope in the world. Whether you are traveling by plane or hiking, it is easy to carry.

1.2 kg observatory

Versatile for astrophotography, panorama, and tracking

With multiple shooting modes built into the app, it's easy for DWARF II to observe the stars or capture beautiful scenery on your travels.

versatile for astrophotography, panorama, and tracking

Has Never Been
So Easy.

Quick start shooting in 2 minutes

With just three steps of calibration, GOTO, and parameter setting, you can start astronomical photography in 2 minutes and easily capture stunning images of galaxies, nebulae, star clusters, and more.

Share photos and spread joy quickly

Share photos and spread joy quickly

DWARF II allows you to quickly capture Astrophotos and share them with friends and family, allowing them to share your wonderful moments.

Keep RAW images for more freedom in post-processing

DWARF II also supports 12-bit RAW images for post-processing. Whether adjusting color, exposure, or sharpness, it can be easily achieved, making your photos even more outstanding.

Keep RAW imagesfor more freedomin post-processing
One-tap photography of the moon and sun

One-tap photography of the moon and sun

With built-in modes for capturing the moon and sun, even if it's your first time shooting, you can easily capture lunar eclipses, full moons, and solar eclipses.

High-Speed Framing and
Accurate Targeting

Dual-Lens collaborative work for higher efficiency

DWARF II has dual lenses: a telephoto lens and a wide-angle lens. You can find the telephoto framing box in the wide-angle lens picture, which enables you to accurately and quickly locate the target and start shooting.

dual lenses

Vivid photos of 8.3 megapixels &12-bit colors

DWARF II has ultra-clear 4K resolution, which can capture more details and colors, making your photos more realistic and vivid. Share these photos on social media to get a lot of "wow" and likes.

Vivid photos.webp__PID:2a4029db-ada6-4e55-8e6b-d98a06525a89


What's in the The Box

classic edition package list.png__PID:556b8f41-4065-4e61-884a-7a0616626461
deluxe edition package list.png__PID:3566aa5a-b8de-48e5-8fab-25b484affae6

What's in the Classic Edition Box

  • DWARF II telescope x 1
  • Carry bag x 1
  • Replaceable & rechargeable battery x 1 (inside DWARF II)
  • 64GB microSD card x 1
  • Mini tripod x 1

What's in the Deluxe Edition Box

  • Everything in Classic Edition Box, plus the following
  • Replaceable & rechargeable battery x 1 (inside the carrying bag)
  • UHC filter x 1
  • ND solar filter x 2
  • Filter adapter x 1


The shape of the DWARF II is special. Because we use a periscope structure to lower the center of its gravity and enhance its stability. This structure makes DWARF II look different from other telescopes.

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Orion Nebula by DWARF II
M31 Andromeda by DWARF II
North America Nebula NGC 7000 by DWARF II
Lagoon Nebula M8 by DWARF II smart telescope

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