"This little dual-camera system makes astro imaging a piece of cake for novices."

Paul Money - Lincolnshire, UK


"I paired this smart telescope with my phone — and it makes astrophotography light years better."

John Velasco - Union Beach, NJ


"It's a telescope you can take out on a moment's notice, on a car trip, or camping vacation and come back with some impressive images."

Mel Martin - Tucson, AZ


"It was the Dwarf 2 and it has completely changed how astronomical images can be taken with the minimum of setup and experience."

Stephen Scourfield - Australia

What Can DWARF 3 Do?

travel astrophotography.webp__PID:5eb41ea7-df6e-46ed-930b-e4f2b1ba7cc4
star party
Backyard Astrophotography
Astronomy for Kids
Bird Watching
travel astrophotography.webp__PID:233db15b-2616-43dc-adc8-9fbd6405b9f2
star party.webp__PID:b9c2cd4d-2155-438a-aed0-8e9d404839ff
Backyard Astrophotography.webp__PID:edca1125-c8cc-4775-90b9-e5c4aac60391
Astronomy for Kids.webp__PID:b6bcba29-e08d-4281-9124-842d0ee9c376
Bird Watching.webp__PID:dab6b5a6-b340-4c73-b816-b7b16ea83dfb
Panorama scene.webp__PID:b44eb826-52e4-4825-9cb5-5632f8933e38
capture stars in 2 minutes.webp__PID:3b36f9a1-275f-4e49-806a-297304ca7f97

Capture Stars in 2 Minutes

capture stars in 2 minutes.webp__PID:30833978-bc50-4934-b8c7-bd6902402ed0

DWARF II Smart Telescope


We make astrophotography more accessible to everyone through our telescopes' portability, affordability, and user-friendly setup, empowering more people to explore the wonders of the universe.

Incredible imaging: the dust lanes of Andromeda's, Triangulum Galaxy's are available.  

Built with AI power to process great shots of Galaxies and Nebulae with ease. Share them on social to get wow.

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