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stargazing on your smartphone by DWARF II
live stacking by DWARF II

Effortless DSO Shooting by DWARF II

DWARF II carries out a technology revolution in astrophotography. It comes in a compact size and an entry-level price, allowing everyone enjoy the beautiful details of starry stars. Through its AI design, you can capture galaxies and nebulae effortlessly, and be curious and confident in researching deep sky objects.

*DSO: Deep Sky Objects

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The only gap between you and the cosmos
is a tap on DWARF II   

Just tap to shoot. No need to set Polaris alignment. Calibration, GOTO, star tracking, and stacking are all completed automatically.
Additionally, you can make customized toning and capture your own astrophotography images.

automatic GOTO nad tracking

DWARF II is a great companion when you explore the starry stars outdoors at night.   

DWARF II is compact and light, weighing at only 1.2 kg. You can take it anywhere there is starry stars while you enjoy the night camping. 

Incredible imaging: the dust lanes of Andromeda's, Triangulum Galaxy's are available.  

Seize the Amazing Moments of Birds
Anytime Anywhere

Understand nature closely, record the beautiful life of birds, and feel the flying free soul.

watching birds by DWARF II

Zoom the World in Gigapixel Panorama

Have you ever tried taking a picture with one billion pixels? DWARF II can capture multiple images through 2-axis scanning,
then stitch them into one picture. The pixel count can even reach one billion! 

watching birds by DWARF II

We Do Things Differently

Understanding the need for dedicated products, we only use high-quality raw materials with high-quality workmanship. 

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