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DWARF II Smart Telescope (Preorder)

DWARF II Smart Telescope (Preorder)

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Please note: DWARF II is in production, you can preorder it now and receive it in November.

Introducing DWARF II - the compact smart telescope controled by your mobile device.

Are you an amateur astronomer, bird watcher, wildlife photographer, or just a photography enthusiast that needs to capture things you can’t get close enough to like a ball game? Well, DWARF II is exactly what you need.


· Smartphone Control

· AI-Powered Object Tracking

· One-Click GOTO

· Auto Star Tracking & Stacking

· Gigapixel Panorama

· Replaceable Battery

· 64GB microSD Card


204 x 62 x 130mm

2.4 IB/1 KG

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Versatile to Take Shots of DSO, birds and animals

DWARF II is a smart telescope with dual camera and ND filters. You can take shots of deep sky objects, galaxy. Watch nd record videos of birds and animals.

Easy Control with Your Mobile Device

Connect your smartphone/tablet and DWARF II via WiFi, then you can easily control DWARF II through DWARF App and take pictures/videos. DWARF App is compatible with Android and iOS devices. We will provide API and developer documentation. You can even run your own programs on DWARF II.

Dual Camera System

DWARF II has two cameras, a wide-angle camera, and a telephoto camera. Through the wide-angle camera, you can take pictures/videos as a normal camera, or preview the field of view. Aim the target in the middle of the wide-angle view, then the telephoto camera is aiming your target. And the telephoto image is always at a fixed place (near the center ) of the wide-angle image. 

Auto Star Tracking & Stacking for Astrophotography

Due to Earth’s rotation, the stars move slowly in the sky. DWARF II can automatically track the stars. DWARF II can rotate around the altitude and azimuth along the movement of stars. DWARF II uses a field-rotation-correction algorithm to avoid the field rotation. Then you can use DWARF II to track deep-sky objects with long exposure time. Automatic registration after multiple exposures, DWARF II stacks the images into a bright and clear image. It helps you to record deep-sky objects easily.

AI Powered Object Recognition and Tracking

Built in NPU (Neural-Network Processing Unit), DWARF II can automatically recognize your selected object and track its moving. So you can watch birds from a long distance without disturbing them, or you can track players on a ground or game.

Compact, Packable to Carry Anywhere

Weighting at 1.5 KG and with compact size, DWARF II is much more portable than most telescopes. You can pack it in the carry case or your backpack where you go.



Chief Editor

DWARF II smart telescope brings big photography features in a small package......The DWARF II is a telescope and camera smashed together, and its biggest pull is taking pictures of objects that are either too far away or should be kept at a safe distance. Wildlife photography definitely. falls in that category, and the camera’s AI-powered object recognition and tracking make following moving critters no problem at all. 

India Mantle

Content Manager

The DWARF II is the year's most exciting accessory for astrophotography and wildlife photography, making high quality long-range image-capture and gigapixel panorama creation affordable and within grasp of any level of photographer.