Meet Hani Kaddumi, the Nature Photographer Turned Astrophotographer


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Hani Kaddumi, a nature photography enthusiast from Jordan, never thought he would delve into the fascinating world of astrophotography. That is, until he saw his friend's mesmerizing photos of distant celestial objects. Inspired to capture the beauty of the cosmos himself, Hani embarked on a journey that would change his life. 

He started by modifying a used Canon Rebel t5i DSLR camera and acquiring a 135mm German Pentacon lens. With this setup, Hani successfully captured breathtaking images of the Orion Nebula and Andromeda Galaxy. However, he soon realized that to photograph more elusive targets like the Heart Nebula, he needed a complete rig with a tracker and a goto system.

While researching trackers within his budget, Hani stumbled upon a YouTube video by Galaxy Art Media that introduced him to DWARFLAB's electronic telescope - DWARF II. With its 672mm zoom, built-in tracker, goto system, and smartphone compatibility, the DWARF was everything Hani had been searching for and more.

In June 2023, Hani ordered his very own DWARF telescope. He was impressed by DWARFLAB's exceptional customer service, which went above and beyond to provide the necessary legal documents for shipping the telescope to Jordan.

From day one, Hani was captivated by the DWARF II's capabilities. The final image of Andromeda he captured with the telescope left him stunned. Over the course of 30 days, Hani photographed a multitude of celestial objects, even in areas with significant light pollution. His newfound passion for astrophotography led him to acquire knowledge about locating celestial objects and navigating by the North Star.

While DWARF II occasionally had some minor glitches, Hani knew that DWARFLAB's tech team was diligently working on resolving these issues in future updates. He wholeheartedly recommends the DWARF II to both amateur and professional astrophotographers alike.

Thanks to the DWARF II telescope, Hani can now capture stunning images of galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters that are pleasing not only to him but also to his friends and fellow astrophotography enthusiasts. His journey into the cosmos has only just begun, and he looks forward to exploring even deeper into the night skies with his trusty DWARF II telescope by his side.

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