Ziyad El-Ghazi's Astrophotography: The Ultimate Growth Story


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My name is Ziyad EL-GHAZI, I am currently pursuing my Master of English Studies in the United Kingdom, building upon my solid foundation in the language that I have diligently cultivated over the past three years. Before embarking on my journey in English Studies, I pursued Management and Business at the Superior School of Technology in Morocco, successfully attaining my Bachelor's degree in General Economics in 2018.

Ziyad EL-GHAZI Portrait
Image Credit: Ziyad EL-GHAZI 

My fascination with astronomy has been nurtured since a tender age of 3, when my father would hoist me onto his shoulders and guide me under the night sky, allowing me to marvel at the crescent moon and the twinkling stars. This initial exposure laid the seeds of curiosity, and as I stumbled upon an image of Neil Armstrong's iconic lunar footprint during a childhood exploration of my father's desk, my passion for space exploration was kindled. However, this enthusiasm dimmed over time, only to be reignited in the year 2012, when a burgeoning interest in rockets, planets, orbital mechanics, and the cosmos began to take root.

In 2017, I took a significant step forward by acquiring my first telescope. This marked the commencement of my astrophotography journey. The subsequent years witnessed an unwavering commitment to learning, photographing, and experiencing the celestial wonders that grace our skies. Each new telescope brought me closer to the heart of the cosmos, broadening my horizons and deepening my understanding of the universe.

Of particular significance, Dwarf II emerged as a pivotal companion in my astronomical pursuits. The telescope's advanced capabilities and precision optics allowed me to delve into the intricate details of distant galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters. Dwarf II enriched my journey by facilitating extraordinary captures of celestial objects, unveiling their beauty and intricacy in ways that continue to leave me astonished.

I wholeheartedly encourage beginners to consider Dwarf II as a fantastic starting point for their astrophotography journey. Its advanced features and exceptional optics make it an ideal companion for those who are eager to capture the celestial wonders above.

Dwarf II's user-friendly design and reliable performance provide an accessible entry into the world of astrophotography. Its precision and versatility allow beginners to explore a wide range of celestial objects, from stunning star clusters to ethereal nebulae and distant galaxies. The telescope's capabilities serve as a platform for learning and growth, helping newcomers build their skills and confidence as they venture into the fascinating realm of astrophotography.

Ziyad El-Ghazi
Credit: Ziyad El-Ghazi

Embracing Dwarf II as your astronomical companion can be an exciting step towards understanding the cosmos in a deeply personal and visually captivating manner. The telescope's ability to reveal intricate details of celestial objects will undoubtedly inspire beginners to further immerse themselves in the captivating world of astronomy.

So, for those aspiring astrophotographers who are looking for an excellent starting point, I recommend considering Dwarf II as a reliable and rewarding choice that can accompany you on your journey to explore the mysteries of the universe.

Below is my interview with DWARFLAB.

the Moon shot by DWARF II
the Sun shot by DWARF II
All Images Credit: Ziyad El-Ghazi

1. What motivated you to purchase the DWARF II Smart Telescope?

Certainly! I decided to purchase the DWARF II Smart Telescope because it perfectly encompassed everything I had always wanted in a telescope. The design immediately caught my eye, and the blend of aesthetics with functionality was truly commendable. The portability and compact size were crucial factors for me as I love the idea of being able to carry a high-tech telescope wherever I go.

What truly sold me on the DWARF II was its exceptional versatility. The fact that it could handle a wide range of tasks and functions was incredibly appealing. I've always dreamt of a telescope that could do everything for me, and this device seemed to fulfill that dream. Whether it's observing celestial bodies, capturing stunning images, or conducting detailed research, the DWARF II promised to be a one-stop solution.

Having used the telescope for nearly a year now, I can confidently say that it has lived up to its promises. Its portability has allowed me to explore various locations and capture breathtaking views without any hassle. Being able to carry it wherever I want to go has enriched my astronomical experiences.

What adds a personal touch to my purchase is the fact that I was one of the first to acquire this innovative technology. Contributing to its development and being part of its initial user base gives me a sense of pride. Overall, the DWARF II Smart Telescope has not only met but exceeded my expectations, and I continue to enjoy its features with great satisfaction.

2. How has the DWARF II Smart Telescope enhanced your stargazing and astronomy experience?

The DWARF II Smart Telescope has truly transformed my stargazing and astronomy experience in ways I could have never imagined. Before acquiring the DWARF II, Astronomy and Astrophotography were intricate processes that demanded substantial effort and knowledge. However, with the arrival of this remarkable telescope, the entire landscape changed.

Astronomy and Astrophotography have never been this accessible and convenient for me. The DWARF II's advanced technology has turned complex tasks into a simple push-button affair. Capturing stunning images of celestial wonders has become a seamless process, allowing me to focus more on the beauty of the cosmos rather than the technicalities.

One of the most astonishing aspects is the telescope's ability to photograph even the faintest deep sky objects. I am now able to capture objects with magnitudes as low as 8-9, even in areas with high light pollution (Bortle 8-9 zones). This feature has opened up an entirely new realm of exploration for me. I can now easily photograph dimmer celestial objects that were previously beyond my reach, and it feels like I can virtually travel to these distant wonders at my leisure.

In essence, the DWARF II Smart Telescope has removed barriers and made stargazing and astronomy a joyous and effortless pursuit. Its capabilities have enhanced my understanding of the cosmos and allowed me to create breathtaking memories through astrophotography, all while maintaining the excitement of feeling connected to the universe.

3. Can you share a memorable experience or discovery you've made using the DWARF II Smart Telescope?

Using the DWARF II Smart Telescope has led me to some truly memorable experiences and discoveries that I could have never imagined. In the world of the Dwarf II user group, I've playfully earned the nickname "Enclosed room, sealed Glass window, Bortle 9 city, Dwarf II user Guy," which might sound amusing, but it's entirely true.

What's truly remarkable is that I've been able to harness the power of the DWARF II in some of the most challenging and improbable conditions for astrophotography. Despite using it within enclosed spaces, sealed glass windows, and the light-polluted environment of a Bortle 9 city, this remarkable device has risen to the occasion. The fact that it managed to perform plate solving and accurately navigate the celestial map under such harsh conditions is a testament to its advanced capabilities.

One particular night stands out vividly. It was a snowy evening, yet the sky was astonishingly clear. In a matter of minutes, I decided to take the DWARF II outside to capture the beauty of a comet and the Andromeda galaxy. It was a sight to behold when both of these celestial wonders appeared within the first 4 minutes of stacking images. The immediacy of the results, all from a device roughly the size of my hand, was truly astounding.

The DWARF II's ability to consistently deliver stunning results in such demanding situations has solidified its place as an essential tool in my astronomical endeavors. This telescope has become more than just a device; it's a companion that has made every clear night an enjoyable and memorable adventure. I am convinced that the DWARF II is the best in its class, and I anticipate it will remain an integral part of my life's journey through the cosmos.