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DWARF II Smart Telescope

DWARF II Smart Telescope

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Introducing DWARF II - the most portable smart telescope controlled by the app DWARFLAB.

Are you an amateur astronomer, bird watcher, wildlife photographer, or just a photography enthusiast that needs to capture things you can’t get close enough to like a ball game? Well, DWARF II is exactly what you need.

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Bullet Points

· Smartphone Control

· Compact & Ultra-Portable

· AI-Powered Object Tracking

· One-Click GOTO

· Auto Star Tracking & Stacking

· Gigapixel Panorama

· Replaceable Battery & Type-C Charging

· Included 64GB microSD Card


204mm x 62mm x 130mm

2.4 IB/1 kg

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One-Year Warranty

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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Lifetime Customer Support

One-Year Warranty

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Worldwide Shipping

Lifetime Customer Support


Smart telescope to Take Shots of DSO, Birds and Animals

Versatile to Take Shots of DSO, Birds and Animals

DWARF II is a compact smart telescope with dual camera and AI power. You can take shots of deep sky objects, Galaxy and Nebula. Watch and record videos of birds and animals.

Easy Control with Your Mobile Device

Connect your smartphone/tablet with DWARF II via WiFi, then you can wirelessly control DWARF II through DWARFLAB App (available in Android & iOS) and take pictures/videos. We will provide API and developer documentation, so you can even run your own programs on DWARF II.

Note: Please ensure that your phone/tablet supports Bluetooth 4.0 & WiFi 5GHz

Smartphone app controlled smart telescope
Smart telescope with Dual Camera

Dual Camera System

DWARF II has two cameras, a wide-angle camera, and a telephoto camera. Through the wide-angle camera, you can take pictures/videos as a normal camera, or preview the field of view. Find the target in the middle of the wide-angle view, then the telephoto camera is aiming your target. And the telephoto image is always at a fixed place (near the center ) of the wide-angle image. 

Auto Star Tracking & Stacking for Astrophotography

Due to Earth’s rotation, the stars move slowly in the sky. DWARF II can automatically track the stars. It can rotate around the altitude and azimuth along the movement of stars. DWARF II uses a field-rotation-correction algorithm to avoid the field rotation. Then you can use DWARF II to track deep-sky objects with long exposure time. Automatic registration after multiple exposures, DWARF II stacks the images into a bright and clear image. It helps you to record deep-sky objects easily.

auto-star tracking smart telescope
AI tracking smart telescope

AI Powered Object Recognition and Tracking

Whether it's a bird or a ball player, DWARF II's neural network processing unit (NPU) automatically recognizes and tracks the movement of your chosen subject. If the action slows down, you're one click away from zooming-in for a closer look. Our panoramic and telephoto lenses are always kept in sync and our app enables one-click switching between them. 

Compact, Portable, Powerful

Weighing in at 1.2 kg (2.6 lbs) you can take DWARF II anywhere, in its custom-padded bag or in a backpack. 

compact and portable smart telescope


Aperture Diameter: 24 mm
Focal Length of the Telephoto:100 mm
Equivelent Focal Length:675 mm (Tele), 48 mm (Wide)
F-number:4.2 (Tele), 2.4 (Wide)
Working Distance:4m~∞
Field of View:3° (Tele), 50° (Wide)
Digital Resolution:8 Megapixel(Tele),  2 Megapixel (Wide)

What's in the Classic Edition Box

  • DWARF II telescope x 1
  • Carry bag x 1
  • Replaceable & recharable battery x 1 (inside DWARF II)
  • 64GB microSD card x 1
  • Mini tripod x 1

What's in the Deluxe Edition Box

  • Everything in Classic Edition Box, plus the following
  • Replaceable & recharable battery x 1 (inside the carrying bag)
  • UHC filter x 1
  • ND solar filter x 2
  • Filter adapter x 1

Frequently Asked Questions

The shape of the DWARF II is special. Because we use a periscope structure to lower the center of its gravity and enhance its stability. This structure makes DWARF II look different from other telescopes.

Other questions? Message us!

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